Odin Station

Messrs Gray & Gray

Unfortunately, our investigation into Odin Station has reached a dead end. None of the detailed files we require are accessible remotely, and the Zororastrian People’s Council has become incredibly paranoid about who they let onto the mausoleum ever since Darrow Unger’s disappearance. Even our attempts to interview recent visitors to the station led nowhere.

The net result is that until someone involved is willing to tell the truth, all we have to go on is the financial analysis in our previous report showing that a significant proportion of the funding for the orbital mausoleum was secretly provided by the Martian Traffic Control Authority. And, of course, the Zororastrian People’s Council’s suspiciously accurate prediction that the dead interred on Mars would not rest undisturbed.

If you know more, and are willing to speak out, please contact us immediately.

Your humble correspondents
Messrs Grey & Grae

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Odin Station

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