Olympus Mons

Xenia A. Blackwell

Olympus Mons exists as two interconnected entities in the Arean frame. The first is the real; the soaring, sweeping, majestic volcano that dominates the planet and dwarfs all else in the solar system. The second is the imagined; the home of myth, conjecture and speculation – a wondrous construct of secret caverns headquartering conspiracies, undiscovered natives and a pantheon of ancient and modern gods frolicking about a summit too high for even the reconfigured atmosphere to support life.

More interestingly to the reader, it appears that the volcano is one of the few fixed points between this and the alternate reality. There were no discernible differences between the Olympus Mons we were so familiar with and that of the superpositioned reality, even down to the level of quarries and habitations upon the lower slopes. This has led to a belief that the mountain is a gateway between realities, a belief that has come up against hard fact time and again, not least when followers of the Association for the Accurate Interpretation of the Divine Message strode up to the point they believed would transmit them to the Other Place, only to have to be rescued and treated for exposure.

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Olympus Mons

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