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Fairdale Latimer

Let me share one of my gravest concerns: the superposition involved not two worlds but three. Models exist that can account for a three phase anachronistic transgression, including the Threefold Intersection Hypothesis.

Consider these widely known facts. The superposition event consisted of the disappearance of local people and places and, in their place, the appearance of strange people and strange places. Where all the missing locals went will likely never be known; many are suspected lost forever. From the strangers, some evidence has been corroborated to suggest they came from the same world. But it was several weeks after the event before all instability and security holes were fixed.

Therefore, though all the interviews with strangers suggest they came from the same world, my world, there was plenty of time for strangers to collaborate on their stories or to slip into hiding and go unaccounted.

My own personal anecdotes are perhaps less compelling but affect me deeply. The Farthing Captains say their name’s from a coin used in their original world. The problem is neither Farthings nor Captains were ever used in my world. There were a handful currencies but certainly not enough to lose track of. And I’ve seen some episodes of “Reckonings”, and though I’ve never been a culture aficionado, the fashion, the accents, the actors are all very foreign to me.

I strongly believe the superposition was a three phase intersection and some people are trying keeping that secret.


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