Phobos Disorbital Event

Fairdale Latimer

The theory that the fall of Phobos caused the superposition is popular. There are two major issues with this theory.

One, no scientific evidence has yet been found of the great force that deviated Phobos from its orbit and into its collision course with this Mars. The discovery of the hollowness of Phobos does significantly decrease the required force but brings its own mysteries, such as how has its hollowness not been widely known and why did its momentum not reveal it?

Two, why should the impact of—what is effectively—a large asteroid cause such a stupendous folding of space-time. What made Phobos or its crash site so significant? Physically, I doubt there is any significance.

Putting aside my thaumatological explanations, and looking solely through the lens of the science of this Mars, there is an obvious alternate explanation. The superposition and the fall of Phobos had a common cause. Some third event that was the cause of both.

Since I have some reason, or hope, that travel across the phases remains possible, I believe there are individuals who know what this third event is, such as Vargas Steam or Constance Nudikell.

The question now is, why are they outspoken about so great a many things, and yet so silent on this the crux of it all.


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Phobos Disorbital Event

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