Queens of Mars

Xenia A. Blackwell

The Sunbeam’s family concern, the Queens of Mars zaibatsu, has shaped the lives of the millions who live on Mars. Ubiquitous in the field of both public and private transportation, the company also controls vast tracts of arable cropping land, a network of interface connection points (the famous ‘blue belt’) and personal connection devices and the pneumatic tube pan-Mars goods conveyance system.

When the superposition event occurred, it had an unduly large impact on the company as a result of its planet-wide reach. The pneumatic tubes were badly damaged by both the Phobos collision and the intrusive space remapping the areography, the blue belt failed in several locations and the public transport was out order in several major cities for a considerable period of time. To make matters worse, much needed funds for repairs were tied up in the litigation with the Library of Jimmy Wales. This finally forced what had been a long standing privately held family concern to go public, wresting control of the company from the Sunbeams and placing it in the hands of a consortium lead by Tsuki-Yomi and, curiously enough given the generally cash-strapped nature of its business, the CADC.

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Queens of Mars

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