Messrs Gray & Gray

Queenscliff saw some of the worst rioting of the Superposition catastrophe: the Battle Butte Militia and the Yesteryear Preservation Society clashing daily for over a month, people’s homes looted and burned, while the authorities sat back and did nothing.

While self-declared experts in the mainstream media have published numerous lengthy explanations for the conflict between the two groups, these have always rung hollow. But now an anonymous source has provided us with definitive evidence of a Spectre House facility in Queenscliff.

This suggests an alternative hypothesis: the riots were deliberated started, and used as a smokescreen for Spectre House’s black ops during the Superposition disaster.

Rest assured that we are assiduously investigating this possibility, and will present the full facts of the situation to you as soon as possible.

Your humble correspondents
Messrs Grae & Gray

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