Xenia A. Blackwell

When the files containing the episodes of “Reckonings” were uploaded into Zeus Station from the Volkestadt monitoring station, it became a cultural phenomenon amongst the populace, with many people actually watching an episode a week to obtain a sense of verisimilitude.

The show detailed the goings on in a mining town in the north of England named Farthington* in the 1950’s, where the grim realities of life were counterbalanced by the outspoken good humour and blithe ignorance of a particular family, the Oldethwaites. Whilst occasionally mawkish, the show proved to have a rich vein of comedy.

The mystery of the show’s origins continues to fascinate – researchers from Curiosity University analysed the actors and declared that they may have found several genetic markers not previously seen in any strain of humanity in the known realities. Critics have pointed out that the footage is of low fidelity and the actors may be wearing makeup. The resemblance of the production company’s logo to a so-called Blavatsky Sigil has also been mentioned.

There has also been no trace of any broadcast facility on Ceres from which the signal originated.

*It is unclear if this is a real town or a fictional location.

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