Red Dusk Red Dawn

Messrs Gray & Grae


A new outbreak of Red Dusk Red Dawn is currently underway. Exercise extreme caution with all incoming messages, even those apparently from friends and family. In particular, block anything claiming to be “an amazing song I just heard” or “directions to the latest hotspot”.

For those who are new to this Mars: Red Dusk Red Dawn is a piece of self propagating neural interface firmware that induces visionary religious experiences that, according to users, guide them toward a better place/note/state. Users are totally unwilling to be treated, even if their infection was involuntary (we are paying very close attention to the ongoing court case to see whether the Mars Settlement Authority can compel treatment). All attempts to trace the original source of the firmware have conclusively failed.

While your humble contributors are supporters of both religious freedom and jailbroken firmware, we strongly recommend you follow our precautions, even if you have decided to become a Red Dusk Red Dawn user yourself. If you wish to acquire the firmware, we recommend accessing a known source (such as the Vava Tech Interplanetary mail server) rather than risk infection from something else entirely.

Your humble correspondents

Messrs Gray & Grey

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Red Dusk Red Dawn

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