Robor Blueprints

Steevy Carlisle

Jeremiah Elder’s exposition on his choice of ‘Desert Island’ reading material for Aborath Today magazine:

Robor Blueprints are the collected charts of Thomas Robor originally published in five separate folios: Fabulobiology or A Classifixion of All of Nature, published in 1666; Czar Dovomoi or Taxology of the Spirit Realm, published in 1669; From Within Outwards or An Aresmetry of Emotion and Preterordinal Devices or An Aresmetry of Thought, both published in 1674; and Void Where Prohibited, published in 1680.

The magna opera were posthumously combined into the encyclopedic Robor Blueprints. The charts are a diagrammatical specification of the elemental kingdoms (epistomological parallels, I understand, to the native classical natural philosophies) interspersed with Robor’s own annotations and quotations from the writings of his contemporaries which contain a relevance to the kingdom under discussion.

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Robor Blueprints

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