Instructions to Authors

Interdisciplinary research journal Superposition is now seeking submissions for its first volume, and is open to scholarly work from all fields exploring the event.

Each of the sections below provides essential information for authors submitting work to Superposition. Please contact the editorial staff if any clarification is needed.


Articles should be 100-200 words in length. Where an article would be significantly longer than 200 words, the preferred style of Superposition is to limit the main article to the most interesting features and cite other articles for further information.

Authors are strongly encouraged to format articles according to the provided template.


Superposition is a new journal in a fast-moving area of multidisciplinary research. As such, it is common for authors to write articles depending on articles that haven’t yet been published. Indeed, articles must cite at least two other papers that are not yet in press, and it is preferred if one citation is to an article already scheduled for publication.

Articles published in the second and subsequent issues of Superposition must also cite at least one article previously published in the journal.

Authors citing their own work published in Superposition is strongly discouraged.

As it is difficult to assess the accuracy of sources from the so-called “other place”, authors should reference them only sparingly, and certainly no more than once per article.


There will be a call for submissions for each issue, and one week will be given for authors to submit their manuscripts for publication.

Articles already on the publication schedule will be given preference for publication in each issue of Superposition. Authors are encouraged to ensure all scheduled articles are completed before submitting new work.

Authors may have one scheduled article reserved at a time, typically for the current round of submissions.

Review Process

The review process for Superposition is as rigorous as possible. It may be assumed that all statements of fact have been widely vetted, and are as true as can be determined. Papers disputing established facts will be rejected by the editorial staff until the error is corrected.

Superposition is also committed to the idea that comment is free. Robust discussion of all alternative viewpoints is strongly recommended, and enriches the standards of scholarship that the journal strives to achieve.


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