Xenia A. Blackwell

Sparklecomber is the name given to collectors and dealers of the ephemera and bric-a-brac brought to Mars by the superposition event. The best known of these individuals, Montmorcery Canval is currently engaged in a legal battle to secure their lands and chattels.

Of all the pointless, bureaucratic nonsense that the current Unilateralist government has brought us, the ban on sparklecombing has to be about the most pointless. There are thousands of artifacts out there, and few are going to provide any significant clues to the occurrence, or provide any sort of technological breakthrough, and those that would are already in the hands of the authorities, resting deep in Spectre House according to the rumours. To hound those who preserve a few souvenirs left behind seems churlish at best; to deprive people of a legitimate occupation and market is criminal; to round up and prosecute and torture and destroy these lives is tyranny. And for what: a few items of sentimental value, oddments from another world and a half glimpsed, half remembered past. The pointlessness of it all drives one to despair, as the only true result will be a black market trade in these items.

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Superposition: a Lexicon game luminoustedium Gresh