Stephen Blaylock

Violet Walsingham

…and it is for these reasons that Professor Blaylock will be missed by the Curiosity University community, particularly those of us in the life sciences, as one of our greatest losses to the superposition event. As for so many others, we hope Stephen can return from this Other Place to rejoin us on our Mars.

His contributions will, of course, live on. As scientists we stand on the shoulders of giants, and Stephen stood taller than most. His consultation on the ongoing efforts of the Geo-atmospheric Reconfiguration Project have given us all a safer, more comfortable Mars, and we will be continuing his research into low-gravity adaptation to better understand how organisms adapt to life on Mars and the longer-term effects of the gravity beacons.

However, it is also essential for us to look towards the future. It has been a year since the superposition incident, and we’ve had no sign of the return of any of the missing. In light of this, I have accepted the University Council and the Vice-Chancellor’s offer of the position of chair of biological sciences at Curiosity University. It is my hope that our system-class research and teaching will continue to honour…

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Stephen Blaylock

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