Xenia A. Blackwell

It is plain that the physical properties of our universe and those of the superpositioned one are similar, but not alike. The Intrusive universe’s mechanics seem more complex and arcane than those of our own, to the extent that many otherwise explicable processes are considered to be magic by its inhabitants. The extent to which these processes and physical properties now inhabit our universe, either by being attached to the objects and living beings who remained or that bled in from the ruptures in space-time around the intrusion locations, are increasingly being described as miracles, and studied as thaumotological phenomena.

To the extent that the various intrusive imports such as Blavatsky’s Sigils, Kappa or even some of the more complex workings of so called ‘steam-tech’ are described as supernatural is to miss the point. To our reality, they are extranatural phenomena, with causes and behaviours that we as yet cannot understand due to our limited exposure to the other reality. To conduct witch hunts for those responsible for understanding how to manipulate these laws is counterproductive; better to use these people to understand the true nature of the forces unleashed in our universe.

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