The Fairdale Chronicles

Messrs Gray & Gray

Some commentators in the self styled Mainstream Media have accused us of being fringe lunatics who spout unsubstantiated nonsense. But while they are too busy launching personal attacks and regurgitating corporate press releases to actually investigate the truth, we continue to hold the authorities to account.

A prime example of this is in the Mainstream Media’s unwillingness to question the authorities on the Fairdale Chronicles. State media, and the corporately owned channels, insist that the extreme similarities between the decade-old video game series and the Other Place are merely a coincidence.

If they had any of the journalistic integrity they claim to, they would be asking the publisher hard questions about, for example, how the games’ lore entry on “Celestial Marble” is almost identical to a recent encyclopedia entry on Astral Granite. They would be asking the authorities why the the recent murder of Kali is practically a reenactment of the magical assassination in the opening mission of the third game.

Instead, the Mainstream Media continues to bleat “coincide”. When they bother to refer to the matter at all.

We will continue to investigate the publisher and its parent companies for connections to the Superposition disaster. We will continue to investigate rumours that the games were created as a smokescreen, to allow agents from the Other Place to masquerade as cos-players.

We will get to the bottom of this.

Your humble correspondents
Messrs Gray & Gray

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