The Families

Steevy Carlisle

Commodore Paroche Murphy lead the first colony fleet to Mars and established Aborath, which remains the sentimental capital. Her descendants have been the architects of such landmark achievements as the Great Amazonia Maglev, Southern Cosmic Power, Curiosity University and the Xiang Foundation.

Abdul Smith was the last Governor of the Martian Commonwealth and first Secretary General of United Mars. The figurehead of Martian autonomous government had no children, however his extended family were prominent in the administration and have occupied significant positions ever since. Amelia Mboto, his neice, succeeded him as Secretary General.

The pioneering J.P. Huston built a commodities empire on polar methane reserves during the colonial expansion. His grandson, J Huston III, oversaw the conglomeration of the Athabasca Holdings into the largest rare earth mine in the solar system. The stock exchange building in Aborath was donated by the family.

Cecil “The Starmaker” Sunbeam founded Queens of Mars low gravity vehicle manufacturing. The company cornered the early transportation market with the eponymous Sunbeam public transport system and Starmaker personal transport modules. Over the generations the family business has branched out into agriculture, communications and logistics.

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The Families

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