The Lost

Xenia A. Blackwell

Those citizens who were vapourised in the impact of Phobos, those who disappeared at the Superposition, and those who vanished again when all was undone; these people are collectively known as the Lost. A huge, unfillable chasm in Arean society was opened, then widened with each event.

Of those who vanished in the Superposition, only one is known to have returned when the other reality departed: Javiér V’shek, nominal head of the Aleph Facility reclamation project and, curiously, one of the few people within a 30 km radius of ground zero who escaped the devastation.

Given the opportunity provided by the chaos of the three events listed above and their impact on the Interface on each occasion, my suspicion is that many of those who are nominally lost have merely taken the chance to find themselves as someone else. While I understand the desire to remake yourself, if you are one of these souls, may I suggest to you that you have family and friends who would be overjoyed to know that you are still amongst us and who would be overjoyed to know that you are still counted among the living and in our dimension.

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The Lost

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