The Peace

Messrs Gray & Grey

It is somewhat inconceivable that the Government continues to claim that Mars is at peace. For this contention to be so readily repeated by their Corporate and Media backers, however, seems truly unbelievable. And yet, our sources have confirmed this is a genuine campaign not the result of performance art malware infecting their systems.

To be clear: we can certainly believe the supposed authorities would want the public to think that everything is well, and for everyone to go about their lives as though nothing were wrong. It would avoid all manner of awkward questions, like why essential services like the wireless and the Tsuki-yomi Space Elevator remain offline almost a year after the disaster.

What is ludicrous is that the Government and its backers seem to think that people will actually believe that there is Peace On Mars. There is evidence of literal Witch Hunts! And, of course, strong signs of a massive increase in funding to military experiments into the darker arts of both this Mars and the Other

Something very strange is afoot: we will find out what is going on.

Your humble correspondents
Messrs Grae & Grey

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The Peace

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