Threefold Intersection Hypothesis

Steevy Carlisle

The radical superposition mechanism proposed by the Threefold Intersection Hypothesis solves many (possibly all) of the physical translation contradictions which plague traditional teleportation research by employing a simple third order Pythagorean dimensional expansion over an electronvolt petahertz vector Higgs field to intrude two ambivalent spacetime regions into each other semi-simultaneously.

The main opposition to the hypothesis stems from the consequential conclusion, based on the established limit of Pythagorean expansions, that there can only be a maximum of two coexistant continuums, which would contradict the ‘infinte universes’ model implicit in signifiant theories the hypothesis also relies on in the first instance.

Poor reporting has miscommunicated the threefold nature of the intersection and created a false ‘third world’ image in the media, a situation specifically excluded by the hypothesis (ironically), which has allowed willful misunderstanding by unscrupulous people to link unrelated phenomena to the superposition event in the mind of the public.

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Threefold Intersection Hypothesis

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