Tsuki-yomi Space Elevator

Fairdale Latimer

Olympus Mons was always going to be the site for a space elevator, for its height and because tilting the cable from that latitude allowed the then orbits of Phobos and Deimos to be safely avoided. The relative stability of Olympus Mons during the superposition was an unexpected blessing.

Indeed, the nearby Quarantine Zone K211 was surely built on the steppes of Olympus Mons’s southern slopes in large part because the Tsuki-yomi Space Elevator survived the superposition intact.

And yet, the Space Elevator hangs dormant; a tree punching through the sky, brushing the stars, and dead dead dead.

I know little about the technical and political reasons for the elevator being offline. What do I know is placing a mausoleum at the geostationary centre of the elevator is asking for trouble.


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Tsuki-yomi Space Elevator

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