Ulysses Returns

Fairdale Latimer

The beauty of these films still astound me. I just completed Ulysses Returns and it was painful and yet reviving. It follows a man who becomes lost for 20 years during his interstellar travels, only to find on finally returning to his home planet that 20,000 years have past. He is adrift, lost in a sea of time, of memory, lost in his own land. He finds things he knew of as a younger man but that now stand ancient, washed out away and decayed.

Yet he strives for freedom: freedom from his memories and his hope. But he acts much like a sparklecomber must, entranced by the things he finds, things that tell of a distant place, a future he feels still awaits him but that he knows actually lies forever lost to the past. Much like I feel in fact when I see the Queens of Mars blue belt or the spires of the Opportunity cutting the red twilight; who built these, where did they come from and am I really here?

If I ever should return home, what shall await me and who will I be?


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Ulysses Returns

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