Unilateralist Party

Steevy Carlisle

Inauguration Day statement by Lalindra Gopinath, Unilateralist Party Leader, to the Assembly of Government.

Fellow citizens of Mars, this is our fundamental goal: to realize a new, modern, self-determined, and secular Mars. The Unilateralist Party espouse an idealistic, nationalist, authoritarian state philosophy. First and foremost on the journey to our radiant future will be the implementation of a highly regulated, multi-class, integrated national economic structure. We declare war against socialism, not because it is socialism, but because it has opposed nationalism. Socialist programs have been reactionary and absolutely conservative; if this view prevails, our survival would be impossible. Be in no doubt, our brave new paradigm will inevitably precipitate a radical change in our organic unified nation’s relationship with the disparate nation’s of Mother Earth. We look forward to that challenge and to bringing every Child of Mars with us into the glorious cooperative future.

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Unilateralist Party

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