Vargas Steam

Messrs Grae & Grey

Vargas Steam is the most poorly executed hoax your humble contributors have seen in decades.

Everyone who claims to have met Vargas Steam disagrees on what she looks like. None of these supposed meetings can be verified through cloud video footage, nor satellite surveillance. Indeed, there is no electronic evidence of Vargas Steam’s existence at all. To say nothing of the claims she can travel between worlds at will, cheat death, and see the future.

And yet the self-styled Mainstream Media provide anyone claiming to be or have met Vargas Steam with a figurative megaphone to shout whatever nonsense story they have to peddle.

We do not know if Vargas Steam a university prank, an Anonymous style meme-cult, or a psychological experiment to see how badly enacted a hoax can be while still managing to fool the press. And frankly, we don’t care. We refuse to waste our time, or yours, with nonsense like this while the full extent of the RAID Taskforce’s abuses goes unreported.

Your humble correspondents
Messrs Gray & Grae

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Vargas Steam

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