Xenia A. Blackwell

The systemship Vladivostok was one of the original fleet of colony ships; those that brought humanity to Mars en masse. Amongst its passengers were members of the Families, including Cecil Sunbeam, who went on to use the vast hangars of the emptied Vladivostok to set up his original Queens of Mars manufacturing workshops. After later being used as the orbital platform for the construction of the space elevator, it ended up as an orbiting museum of Martian history.

Contrary to popular belief, the Vladivostok did not collide with Phobos during its descent to the planet’s surface; however it does appear as though it was drawn into the gravity well of the moon as it lost its orbit and this is what caused it to crash upon the surface. Most of the staff and visitors did manage to escape the falling craft, but a several of the engineering and flight crew remained on board to try to prevent the crash, and are presumed to have gone down with the ship.

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