Steevy Carlisle

The most obvious feature of Volkestadt are the giant helical gravitic power coils arching above and around the complex. The main habitable features nestled between the coil tethers are the the VTI Laboratory, and the Metus and Formido Monitoring Stations which are twins on opposite sides of the Deimos so they can remain in operation even during ecliptic conjuctions. The remaining functional modules (made up of docking or cargo ports, service or control nodes, and automated installations) are reticulated across the surface of Deimos between these major features. Finally, the Timor Research Module and Polis Outer Research Platform, while prominent, are currently under construction and are not in an operational state. In all, Volkestadt covers sixteen hactares of the surface of Deimos; typically only a little over one hectare was occupied. Currently the crew has been evacuated as a precaution while the satellite settles into its new orbit.

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