Walliams, G

Fairdale Latimer

In the spirit of holding one’s enemies closer, I have taken a somewhat morbid interest in the life and disappearance of G Walliams. Another person of indefinite gender, G appeared to have a strong drive to improve the realm. What is also clear is G had a knack for storytelling, for fitting the tale to the audience. But some tales hold together only as long as the teller tells it, and since G disappeared, his or her noble figure has unravelled somewhat.

And some tales swallow their tellers whole. And I don’t mean in a way like these hypnotic songmaps I keep reading about. No, I mean like how words lay paths in the world, like witch hunts and settlement authorities. Paths that some deem walking unwise. Paths that don’t ever lead home.


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Walliams, G

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