Wolsley, Basil

Xenia A. Blackwell

Of all the worms who buried themselves into the Martian information substrate, none proved as difficult to eradicate as Basil Wolsley. The first Voluntarily Uploaded Human (VOH) to be elected to the Assembly, although nominally independent, he has faithfully voted along Unilateralist Party lines at every significant legislative vote. He also made waves with his contention that the superposition event was the result of a third party’s influence, but without ever stating what that third party might be.

His well publicised trial for tax evasion and vote rigging resulting in his conviction somehow did not cause his immediate eviction from the Assembly, a failure in protocol that can be sheeted directly home to the intervention of Lalindra Gopinath and Wolsley’s connections within the AAIDM. Decrying the conviction as “digitalist” in an attempt to play the martyr, he garnered sufficient support from the usual Unilateralist stooges to have the usual civic conventions suspended while he appeals his case. The matter of determining how to imprison a digitally networked entity is but one of the matters for the appeals court.

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Wolsley, Basil

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