Word of Amenthes

Steevy Carlisle

A user generated volatile newsfeed with a bona fide, rascalist and conspiratorial slant. The Amenthes peer-to-peer review system (i.e. ‘the word’) results in (usually) better quality reportage than its industrial competition. More robust in its hardware and distribution network than many of its larger competitors, Amenthes remained in service throughout the duration of the superposition disaster.
One issue with Amenthes is the number of sockets installed by lobbists which piggy-back their chosen stream on the open-source protocols. This frequently generates iterative reference loops which destroy as many rational insightful threads as they nurture. So, while popular opposition to the boundary walkers initiative was able to mobilize coherently, remnant Twenty-niners rekindled their particular brand of civic violence at the same time, while reams of the vital bandwidth were being swallowed beneath the shackling of natural events to unnatural agendas.

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Word of Amenthes

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