Xanthippe Switch

Steevy Carlisle

In chapter four of The Fairdale Chronicles the initial mission to rescue Princess Xanthippe from Captain Thrust is subverted by romantic ovetones, once Faith Minion has shut down the “pixie’s radio SOS” (anagram) transmission and had bloody vengeance upon Thrust, creating the first example of what is now the genre standard known as a “Xanthippe switch” (a.k.a. “princess upside-down cake” in PG rated formats). The Curiosity University English Dictionary entry features a picture of the turncoat brigade of motley jolly lasses and harlequins recruited to throw themselves to their deaths (or muddied clothes and scraped knees in the children’s version) in the cutscene with Chekhovian Aunt Sally.

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Xanthippe Switch

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