Yarrow Effect

Messrs Grae & Grey

The Yarrow Effect remains our best explanation for the intense confusion and conflicting evidence over the identities of those who were lost to, returned from, or trapped here from the other place. Like many of Dr Keo Champey’s theories, it has become extremely well regarded by the scientific community in the wake of the Superposition disaster.

We strongly urge the public to disregard the ongoing astroturfing campaign denying the Yarrow Effect, attempting pin the blame on evidence-free viruses corrupting the population registers and memories about the affected citizens. The papers underlying this hamfisted campaign are almost entirely bankrolled by competitors to the products allegedly corrupted by these supposed viruses.

It is also particularly telling that these denialist papers all carefully sidestep the issue of Governor Baatega’s origins. Most papers on the Yarrow Effect, on the other hand, use Governor Baatega as a key example — although the scientific community is still yet to reach a consensus on whether she was originally from this Mars, the other, or both.

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Messrs Gray & Grae

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Yarrow Effect

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