Zeus Station

Fairdale Latimer

I never saw the Zeus Station hurtle through the clouds, crackling with energy, leaving thunder in its wake, roaring headlong around the equator upon the low gravity line above the blue belt, an unexpected boon of the concentration of gravity beacons. The images I have seen of the station suggest something far too large to fly, let alone to fly so magnificently.

Unsurprisingly, I have no idea what core role it in played in the delivering this all pervasive Interface I keep hearing yearnings for. I imagine harvesting lightning was a key proponent.

I recently visited the Zeus Station Memorial, located near the Vladivostok crash site. Only a skeleton of the station remains there. After the retraction, what appeared was a shadow of its glory, a clipped god, the wreckage of an ambitious boy who flew too close to the sun.


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Zeus Station

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