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A year ago, Phobos fell out of its orbit and collided with Mars. Neither the cause of this incident nor its after-effects are completely understood.

Reports from the time indicate that, following the impact, areas of the Martian landscape were replaced with alternative versions of themselves. Parts of our cities were replaced with areas reminiscent of early 21st century steampunk fiction. Other citizens report being transported to this other place.

One month later, everything more or less reverted to normal. Some people and artefacts from the other place remained, and some Martian citizens were never seen again. Where buildings were sheared in half by the boundaries of the incident, work continues to piece the halves back together or to rebuild on the sites.

Superposition publishes research into the incident: the causes, the effects, and the likelihood of it happening again.

An alphabetical index of all published articles is available here.

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