Aleph Facility

Messrs Grey & Grey

Regular readers will be aware that Aleph Facility was a top secret military base on Phobos. Officially, the facility claimed to be a weapons testing range.

Your humble correspondents connected Aleph Facility to a number of experimental geneticists, and suggested that the military were attempting to create psychic super soldiers. We originally believed that the rapid closure of Aleph Facility following the publication of our exposé supported this hypothesis.

However, it has been drawn to our attention that Aleph Facility closed exactly one martian year before the Superposition event — long before the first (publicly knowns) signs of the coming disaster. We have since obtained documents that show several preeminent cosmologists worked at the facility. Furthermore, many of Aleph Facility’s alumni have gone on to work at Spectre House.

On the basis of this evidence we posit that the military knew about the Superposition disaster well in advance, and may actually be responsible for it. Unfortunately evidence remains inconclusive for now: many of the relevant records supposedly were lost during the Superposition catastrophe.

If you have evidence of any of the above (or the deliberate destruction of records) please contact us immediately.

Your humble correspondents
Messrs Gray & Gray

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Aleph Facility

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