Ball lightning

Dab Svetozar

Extraordinarily rare on Earth, ball lightning – or Arean lumispheric incandescence, the term that the Olympus Mons Monitor has campaigned vigorously to have adopted as the standard reference – has been a regular occurrence ever since colonisation commenced.

Explanations for why it happens more often on Mars than Earth are varied, depending on whether you think it’s caused by microscopic black holes causing quantum disruptions or if the Geo-atmospheric Reconfiguration Project is venting too much plasma into the ionosphere. Personally I reckon it’s just something to do with all the dust.

The fact of things is that it’s always been around. Crackpot theorists will tell you that there’s a connection between the lightning and the Intruders, and they will always mention that the rate of sightings when sky-high just before the moon dropped. Then again, some of them will put it down to magic, so take that how you will.

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Ball lightning

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