Blanche Harris

Xenia A. Blackwell

Fortunately, there were people of sound moral judgement and common sense amongst the Intruders, as well as the motley collection of knaves and fools. The extremely charismatic Blanche Harris, the Pontifex of the New Dawn is one such individual. Whilst her faith may seem a little odd to the eyes of our citizens who have been surrounded by a steady diet of secularism, her keen moral judgement is something that many of us have been longing to hear. Her sermons on the hazards of human experimentation are a breath of fresh air in comparison to the usual dross thrown about by the atheistic scientists who believe they control the public discourse. She manages to persuasively link human modification to Disjunction Sickness in a way that few researchers have been able to argue against.

While the Pontifex is nominally the only representative of her church currently on Mars, her following is growing, and may even present a challenge to the established religious and civic orders who believe themselves the guardians of the peace. Her remaining in this reality after the second displacement has led to fascinating change in the public’s sentiment towards the sanctity of the human body.

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Blanche Harris

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